Workplace Micro Markets

Mobile and credit card payments for do-it-yourself checkout stores

OTI provides cashless payment solutions for office and workplace micro market vending.

Our solutions incorporate EMV secured payment acceptance for micro market kiosks and healthy vending machines supporting mobile payments, credit and debit cards. Many organizations are looking to have fresh healthy vending providing them with healthy office snacks daily.

Micromarket vending operators can also leverage on the micro market analysis capabilities. The system allows them to finetune the exact location of their fresh food vending machines, know the exact stock level at any time and even do marketing promotions at the point of purchase.

OTI’s secure kiosk cashless payment solution is intended for micro market vending companies as well as micro-market kiosks vendors and suppliers, and can be built into new machines or be retrofitted to old vending machines. OTI’s offers best-in-class payment platform for vending, foodservice and hospitality. 

Download OTI Kiosk Datasheet

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