Public Bathrooms

Accept Cashless Payment at Coin-Operated Public Pay Toilets

Mobile, credit and debit card payment at Coin-Operated Public Toilets

Municipalities and operators of public toilets are always faced with the challenges of endless cleaning, maintenance and equipment costs. That is why pay toilet – public toilets that require the user to pay for each use become common in railway stations, shopping malls or may even be street furniture.

Many have installed coin-operated public restrooms to off-set those costs. However, when someone hears the “call of nature”, they don’t always have a coin on hand. Your public convenience is suddenly not so convenient.

Putting the Convenience Back Into Your Public Pay Toilets

By enabling your public pay toilets and restrooms with cashless payment functionality, you will immediately tap into the growing number of consumers who prefer using non-cash payment methods. Some recent research has shown that revenue can grow by more than 30% just by adding cashless payment functionality.

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