Turn your laundromat’s coin operated washer and dryer into cashless

Laundromat – Cashless Solution

Self-service laundromats using coin-operated washing machines and dryers have been a part of our lives for more than a century. They provide an essential service for local communities and are often a great place to socialize. 

They are mainly found in high density housing areas and are especially popular when the wet weather hits, and clothes cannot be dried outdoors.

The World Is Going Cashless!

Finding the correct change can sometimes be a problem for laundromat customers.

Some figures show that nearly half the shopping public in the western world now use cashless payment cards and mobile devices to buy their goods and services. By integrating cashless payment readers into your washing machines and dryers, many customers will find it easier and more convenient to wash and dry their clothes in your laundromat.

Putting the Convenience Back Into Your Public Pay Toilets

By enabling your public pay toilets and restrooms with cashless payment functionality, you will immediately tap into the growing number of consumers who prefer using non-cash payment methods. Some recent research has shown that revenue can grow by more than 30% just by adding cashless payment functionality.

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