Do-it-Yourself Checkout

Mobile and credit card payments for do-it-yourself checkout stores

Self-checkout solutions for libraries, supermarkets and retail environments

OTI provides cashless payments acceptance solutions for self-checkout PoS and do-it-yourself checkout systems. These machines are commonly available not just in unattended retail but can also be seen in high-traffic retail environments. Designated areas having dedicated lanes with self-scan checkout systems that allow consumers to scan and pay for the items they need.

Many PoS manufacturers and software vendors seek to add cashless payment for do-it-yourself checkout systems. OTI can provide them with a range of EMV cashless readers that can be fitted to nearly any requirement. These readers can accept mag stripe, chip and contactless payments including mobile payments.

The popularity of retail self-checkout is growing rapidly mainly because consumers become comfortable using new shopping technologies. The growing availability of workplace and office micro-markets where employees can shop and check themselves out, has contributed to the trust people have in these do-it-yourself checkout systems. When it comes to large retailers, self-checkout can contribute for better sales, efficiency and customer service. Almost every retailer can benefit from using self-checkout system including grocery, household, pharmacy, DIY, electronics and hospitality.

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