The Short Path to “Integration Heaven” Begins with an SDK

Just how important are SDK’s for easy integration


A Software Development Kit (or SDK) is a set of tools and programs for developers’ use. It may include API’s, documentation, libraries, code samples and processes for use by developers in facilitating their integration projects.

A good SDK can be of immense help to developers and integrators as it can save them a lot of time and trouble since they will not need to write everything from scratch. Serious companies that develop SDK’s realize their importance and therefore put effort into making sure that they are easy to use, explicit in explaining functionality and coding and any other relevant information that can be useful.

By the same token, there are manufacturers who are opposed to open systems and supplying SDK’s and API’s. There could be several reasons for this, from the desire to control the eco-system to a de-facto coercion to use and run components only from that same manufacturer. Whatever the case may be, it does not make life easier for the integrator and indeed can only limit their options for easy integration and customization.


7 crucial tips for kiosk developers

How important is an SDK?

If you are a system integrator or Independent Software Vendor (ISV), these are some important tips for ensuring that you can develop your own payment system quickly, simply, and with low-risk easy integration.

  • Make sure that your vendor’s SDK takes care of the complex parts of EMV cashless payment.
  • Make sure that your vendor’s SDK takes care of the remote management aspects of your solution (e.g. remote firmware updates).
  • Check to see if you are provided with a high-level API as part of your SDK package. Ideally, if it is straightforward and not complicated, you will be able to concentrate on developing the various elements of your kiosk solution without having to waste time on technical aspects that are provided by your solution partner.
  • Do not forget to ensure that your vendor is a certified EMV end to end solution provider. Otherwise, you are likely to have to string together several solution sets that could make interoperability even more complex.
  • As part of your contract, do not overlook the importance of maintenance, updates and support. This is especially true when it comes to EMV certification as there are only a very few companies in the world who are able to provide EMV MODULAR CERTIFICATION. EMV Modular Certification makes changes and upgrades much, much quicker and simpler to accomplish, so that your solution is in essence virtually future proof.
  • Remember, any efficient solution development begins with the components that you choose to base your solution upon. Choosing the right type of platform will enable the development of a complete kiosk system using a single vendor who can provide rich multimedia options, SDK, and comprehensive payment APIs.
  • Last but not least; Another aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the importance of built-in high-level security with payment standards. Make sure security is a top priority.


To sum up; If you are seeking the path to easier, quicker more successful solution integration, it pays to begin with class-leading components that come with full SDK and API support. This will make designing, building and integrating your overall solution much more efficient and streamlined.

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