A Contactless Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is upon us, chock full of all those wonderful new toys and gadgets that we’ve been eyeing for a while…
Waiting for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Bachelor day, Father’s Day, Christmas, or whatever day that comes along with big sales and the ultimate deal price.


In the past, and most likely in areas where there is no quarantine and shops are open, lines will begin to form hours before the stores open. When you think about it, it’s a little crazy, and what happens inside the stores can get sometimes downright mess. This year with Covid-19 scares, chances are that the upcoming shopping season is likely to be a lot less crowded in-store and less profitable than in years past.


In a survey by CSA, some interesting trends can be seen. 46% of shoppers will try to finish shopping with fewer trips and 52% plan to avoid the crowds by visiting stores during off-hours. Despite the pandemic, 66% of shoppers say they plan to spend the same or more on holidays this year. The top three purchase categories are electronics (61%), clothing and accessories (52%) and shoes (33%).


The key for retailers is to try and make the in-store experience, safe, fun and as streamlined as possible. Shops and stores that have already employed contactless payments, are in much better shape. Research clearly shows that most consumers prefer shopping at venues that employ contactless methods of payment. It is not surprising that these merchandisers have seen an increase in their revenues, even amidst the challenges of the pandemic.


Contactless payments are not only safer, they also can speed up things at checkout, cut down on the need for cashiers, and vastly improve customer experience and satisfaction. In short, it’s a big win-win all around.


And here’s some holiday cheer for stores and shops that have not yet implemented cashless payment options:  today, you can upgrade pretty quickly! There are modular combo platforms that combine Telemetry with a 5-in-1 EMV Payment Terminal. A single, small device that can do QR Codes, Custom app (mobile/close loop), EMV Contactless, EMV Contact, Magstripe. No matter which way they want to pay, you are covered!

So, if you are having concerns about cashing-in on the upcoming hyper sales season, look into how quickly and cost-effectively you can get into the latest, greatest payment technology that customers are demanding.

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